About Us

Paint for Life

Welcome to Paint for life family, we are delighted to share about ourselves to our lovely customers!

Paint for life is small family run business in the western suburbs of Melbourne. Me and my wife was inspired with one of our friend’s artwork. As we both are not gifted with painting skills, we were introduced to Paint by number drawings. Once we completed a couple of drawings the satisfaction and happiness we got while hanging the painting on the wall was out of the world. We continued to paint for number of years of now.

To share our happiness and satisfaction to our community, we decided to engage with one of the biggest manufacturers, they produce on an average of one hundred thousand Paint by number and Diamond kits to supply across the globe. Me and my wife have visited the production plant and engaged with all stakeholders of the business.

Paint for life chose unique pictures and design our picture for our customer in Australia. Post numerous quality checks for numbering and print. We manufacture our contents overseas with premium hand selected quality products by Paint for life family. We strive to provide best quality products to our Paint for life’s customer.

Thank you in advance for taking time to learn about Paint for life.

Your’s Truly
Paint for life!